Physical properties of acids

Physical properties of acids

  • Acids are electrolytes. They contain mobile ions that can conduct electricity.
  • Acids have a sour taste.
  • Acids turn blue litmus paper.
  • Acids turn Universal indicator red (pH 1-2), orange (pH 3-4) and yellow(pH 5-6).
  • Acids turn methyl orange red and phenolphthalein colourless.

Where can acids be found?

ethanoic acidVinegar
citric acidLemon and lime juices
tartaric acidGrapes
lactic acidMilk
tannic acidTea leaves
carbonic acidRain water, fizzy drinks
formic acidAnts
sulfuric acidCar batteries, fertilizers
hydrochloric acidProduced by our stomach to digest food, clean metals before coating
nitric acidFertilizers and explosives
phosphoric acidFertilizers, preventing rusting of iron

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